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Twelve and Ten, Let's do it Again!

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10/10/2017 01:09 PM

She is twelve and he is ten, both with epiphanies out of this World!

    Navie, the twelve year old... Navie is twelve, and is Tiffanie’s baby sister.  Tiffanie protects her every night by sleeping in the same bed.  Tiffanie is experienced and knows how to fight.  Navie is also wise beyond her years, and she is very serious.  Last week after listening closely to the clear Gospel in Bible Study, she trusted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.  She became then, and is now and forever a forever member of God’s Forever Family!
      This week, Navie came back to Bible Study “…to learn more about Jesus”.  She wanted to know whether she was still going to Heaven, since after believing the Gospel last week, she tried to steal Mrs. Libba’s cell phone after class and got caught!!  “After what happened last week, do I still belong to Jesus?”  Long time Bible Study regular and Navie’s friend, 12 year old Kara jumped in and explained eternal security beautifully.  “Jesus died on the cross two thousand years ago, way before you were born, and way before you did any sins.  So that means when you tried to steal Mrs Libba’s cell phone, that sin went on Jesus, right!  So, even that sin was paid for and you believed He did it.  So that means you are still going to Heaven.  Every one of your sins you will ever do got punished when Jesus died, and His blood washed them all away!  He paid for all of them by dying for them, and then He came back to life!”  Double miracle… one more child of God and one more evangelist Bible teacher!!  That is our job!
 “For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” II Corinthians 5:21
     Saki, the ten year old... And, Navie is not the only one. Saki also trusted Jesus Christ for eternal life several weeks ago and he is now on fire for Christ!  “Am I gonna be in Mr. Hy’s class tonight?  And, is Mr Mark gonna teach, too?  I like them.”  Saki climbed into the big 2004 Katrina rescue van, already smiling from ear to ear about going to Bible class.  His two sisters believed a couple of weeks earlier than Saki, and now they never miss Bible Study.  They love the teenage girl class, which gathers in the Laurel Street kitchen, and is taught by three ladies who have been coming to Bible Study for many years.  We are multiplying teachers at LAMB!
     When people find out and believe that God truly loves them and wants them to trust that He paid for all their sins… “Once and for All!”, and that by trusting Him for this they get his free gift of everlasting life.  No matter who they are, or what they’ve done, their entire lives change.  People who lived in darkness come into the light, and things begin to become clear.  God changes us from the inside.  He heals our hearts, and gives life to our spirits!LAMB Ministries staff, teachers and volunteers seek to get that wonderful, eternal message out to as many as possible.  LAMB leads Bible Studies for kids and adults of every walk of life, Radio Talk Shows, email and newsletter ministries, VBS and many other outreaches.  We bring out of state Church Teams to help and to reach New Orleans people more effectively with the clear Gospel.  Only when people become children of God by faith alone in Christ alone can their lives reflect the love of God.  Thank you for your prayers, support, and real help as we seek to serve the Lord in telling everyone we can His wonderful, true message of Life!  As Hy’s precious twin sister, Mary Forest Broussard, has encouraged us to say, we need your help to reach the children of New Orleans for Christ.  Be a part of LAMB! 
Thanks so much again. 
Shalom and God bless,
Chaplain Hy and Libba McEnery 

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