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Summer, 2017

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07/13/2017 03:48 PM

"We need your help. Please help us to reach the children !Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated." MaryForest Broussard,    

Pastor Donald Tabb, Chairman 
Rev. Graham McFarlane, Vice Chairman
Chaplain Hy McEnery, Founder President Director 
Libba McEnery, Co Director 
(MAJ, Ret) Hardy Housman, Secretary 
Kelly Kuchler, Treasurer
Cleve Altman
Trachelle Carr, Staff
Mark Boniol, Volunteer Bible Teacher          

It has come at last!! Summer in New Orleans! No more school! No more School nights or zones! Whew! Kids are in summer camps all over the city. Well loved, right? NOT! While some of our at risk New Orleans kids are daily inside somewhere, being carefully instructed, many are running the streets with little or no supervision. Those are some of the ones LAMB seeks to help by bringing them the Truth of God’s forever love for them and His free gift of everlasting life for any who will trust only Him for it. We seek them to tell them the good news that Jesus, God the Son, died to pay for all sin for all people for all time. And He rose again to secure eternal life for each one who will believe! When we find and tell them, they rarely reject Him. And this message is the greatest help they could possibly receive!

                         “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

  Tuesday night Dinner and Bible Studies have started the summer with a Spiritual Bang! Several new people are coming now, adults all, and have trusted Christ. Immoral trends that have spread throughout our wounded country in the last decade have darkly infected inner city New Orleans. Hurting Moms in our group are suffering over their teenaged and young adult children who have followed seductive trends and are now spiritually and physically devastated. We have had several deep prayer sessions. One son was moved by the Holy Spirit to come back to Bible Study and bring his friends, who all then believed the clear Gospel. Another daughter has returned to Bible Study, though she doesn’t smile anymore. Please pray for them. Pray they will be strengthened to leave the darkness and walk in the light. Please pray for America.

  Baton Rouge CEF Director Jerry Purtell’s SMITE (Summer Missionary Institute for Training in Evangelism) Teams will arrive in June to put on Five Day Clubs all over New Orleans. LAMB will join CEFGNO again and will take two of the Teams to at least 6 locations daily, reaching as many kids as possible with the Gospel. Last summer over 500 trusted Christ! Please pray for this wonderful Gospel week!!

  Pastor Wes, from The River Church in Wisconsin, will be here again with his wonderful group, in June and July, reaching and teaching kids for Christ! Wes has been bringing Church Teams to bless LAMB and New Orleans every year since 2003!! We love you, Wes! And we thank God for you! Please pray for this Team.

  Monday night Bible Studies are on hold until August, as so many of our group will be gone for the summer and we will be so active with Church Teams and summer evangelistic outreaches. We will miss the deep and wonderful fellowship we have developed with our friends from the Business Community. Some will be helping with LAMB summer ministries. But Hy’s amazing email Bible Studies will continue to go out every summer week and his two weekly Christian talk shows will be used by God, as always, to bring the clear Gospel to our city.

  Thank you to all who have prayed for and supported LAMB Ministries, New Orleans, as we seek the Lord in the Great Commission of reching the lost with the clear Gospel and then teaching them in His perfect Word. We plan to keep on keeping on until He comes!

Blessings to all, 
Hy and Libba McEnery LAMB Ministries, New Orleans 

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