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hy_libba220.jpgLAMB Ministries is led by Directors Chaplain Hy McEnery and Libba McEnery.  LAMB ministry began back in 1996 and today provides academic tutoring, spiritual guidance and emotional counseling to impoverished youth.  The ministry also distributes food, clothing and supplies to many needy New Orleans families. 

Our leaders encourage and actively help the young people to stay in school. Everything possible is done to help them succeed. In the fall of 2012, LAMB actively helped at least ten children enroll in school and procured their required public school uniforms, as well as school supplies for thirty young people. These youth are succeeding. Most of LAMB's core group of teenagers and twenty to twenty-five year olds have jobs. Several have babies and young children, themselves, who have now come under the Christian influence of LAMB Ministries.

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